Pumptrack Anleitung

It’s very important to work precisely: radius, distance, height of berms and obstacles have to fit to grant fun and safety.
A dirt pump track is the cheapest option.

We offer a pump track with a dimension of  ca. 35 x 12 m with up to 20 elementen – jumps, berms and turns from 8000,- € ready for use incl. plan
That’s very cheap compared to other sports facilities (i.e. soccer or tennis court)
Smaller tracks are even cheaper.

Dirt- Pump Tracks / Material – tons of fun, modifiable and low cost!

Everybody can ride a dirt pump track, from kids with balance bikes to adults with mountainbikes or a BMX.
A dirt track is the best way to get to know the riding. If you fall it’s not that painful as you fall in dirt or grass nearby.
With increasing demands and abilities of the bikers you can expand and modify the track.
It’s also very popular to combine the track with dirt- or flowlines.

Riders identifiy with the track and work on their own after training to expand or change the track.
It becomes a adventure playground for young and old!

Suitable dirt is mostly for free and almost everywhere available. Soil can be used very well.
Tha’s why even bigger dirt pump tracks are still unbeatable.

Disadvantage: unfortunately you can not ride a dirt pump track during or after rain. By improper use  small damage can occur i.e. footprints or tire prints. However small damage can easily be repaired.

Pump tracks with cover layer of rock flour are weatherproof and cheap!

Tiny small particles form a relatively solid surface that remains stable even during light rain – that means you can also ride the track during or after light rain. , so dass auch bei Nässe gefahren werden kann. Rock flour is very commmon on busy tracks.
Rock flour is often used on wet points.
Disadvantage: painful wounds and after heavy rain damage can repaired with machines only.

Asphalt pump tracks – schnell, hart, guter Grip!

You can ride an asphalt pump track not only with a bike but also with a skateboard, longboard, skates, scooters and mountainboards.
With good grip and a hard surface you have many possibilities to speed up and make tricks.
Asphalt pump tracks are almost maintenance free, easy to handle and weather resistant.
Unfortunately a few disadvantages are to be mentioned: the pump track can not be changed anymore and is more expensive.
If you fall the ground is harder however due to good grip the risk of falling is less.
It’s important that height, radius and distance fit to grant fun and safety!

Wooden pump tracks – mobile, modular, easy to set up!

The construction of a wooden pump track is a great expense. However the advantage of that modular tracks is you can easily expand with modules and change the location.


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