Pumptrack Bauen Anleitung

The pump track boom has arrived all over Europe! More and more cities discover a pump track as the perfect sports venue for all ages!

We offer to build “private” pump tracks in your backyard as well as official tracks in your city.

To build your own pump track you need a lot of power, endurance, good ideas and a nice spot in your backyard!

Pump track plan

Find a terrain – the bigger the higher speed and the more variations are possible
Pump track- minimum size  ca. 16 x 6 m – best is flatland
First create a sketch, think about the berms and how many turns
Determine the distance – for BMX narrower and for Dirtbikes a little wider
more info: Pumptrack-Plan
During your planning you determine how interesting and fast your pump track will be. Additionally you have to make sure how much dirt / material is needed.

Pump track in your backyard

  • It’s easy as long as your plan works
  • Mark with stones the size of your pump track in your backyard
  • You need a shovel, rake, pick and pushcart
  • Dirt should be with clay as less stones as possible
  • Make sure: No puddles! Additional dirt is recommended!

No dig, no ride – never forget you need loads of power to build a pump track by your own hands.

Pump track size

  • Distance between the berms should be at least one length to double length of a bike – excluding specialties…
  • Height is around 30 to 120 cm, depends on speed and design
  • Height of steep curve is around 80 to 150 cm

It all depends on the size, terrain, material and how you want your pump track. The perfect pump track plan is in your head, and it depends how strong you work!

Pump track costs

  • Tools are around 100 €
  • Dirt / material for your pump track could be for free perhaps transport costs could occur
  • We also recommend drainage, water tanks and maybe a small shed for chill out & tools
  • If you want to add a cover layer of rock flour or asphalt your pumptrack will be more expensive.

Turbomatik Bikeparks offers small “backyard pump tracks” from 3500,-€ / Dirt is definitely the cheapest material.

Wooden pump tracks

Modular pump tracks – made out of wood – are good for events. The elements can be combined differently.

  • The design of a wooden pump track is final, it couldn`t be (re)shaped like a dirt track
  • Northshore elements and wooden constructions can be easily combined with a dirt pump track
  • Wooden wallrides, berms, turns or drops are perfect fun!

Buy a pump track

  • We offer a small “backyard” pump track from 3500,- €
  • Official dirt pump tracks in your city are from 8000,- €
  • Modular pump tracks made of wood start from 20.000,-€
  • Asphalt pump tracks start from 25.000,- €


Rent a pump track

Before buying a pump track it’s always good to rent a wooden pump track. It’s perfect to test for the right decision.
Everybody can get to know the pump track at all and decide what’s the right pump track for your city – asphalt or dirt.
It’s also perfect for bike events, trade fairs or sports shows in your city.

Pump tracks in Europe

Pump tracks are very popular all over Europe! Riding a pump track is easy, makes a lot of fun and improves your riding skills. After a short time you can ride the pump track without pedaling. Perseverance and concentration are encouraged. Step by step you can speed up and make tricks.

Here you can find a list of all pump tracks : Pumptrack List Europe