Asphalt Pumptrack Mountainbike Strecke

Asphalt Pump tracks – fast, hard, good grip!

Compared to tracks made of soil asphalt pump tracks are more demanding in planning and construction. The result is final and can not be changed, therefore planning and accurate working required.

You can ride an asphalt pump track not only with a bike but also with a skateboard, longboard, skates, scooters and mountainboards.
With good grip and a hard surface you have many possibilities to speed up and make tricks.
Asphalt pump tracks are almost maintenance free, easy to handle and weather resistant.
Unfortunately a few disadvantages are to be mentioned: the pump track can not be changed anymore and is more expensive.
If you fall the ground is harder however due to good grip the risk of falling is less.
It’s important that height, radius and distance fit to grant fun and safety!