Pump Track Boom in Europe! Riding a pump track is really easy and big fun for everyone – youngsters and adults!

With pumping motion - up and down - the cyclist ride around the track. The purpose of a pump track is to use this pumping motion to maintain speed without pedaling. But also with pedaling it's fun for kids and beginners.

A pump track is a looping trail system of dirt berms and rollers for bicycling without the rider pedaling. With it's design and construction in a flat area the pumptrack is rideable in both directions. With wooden or asphalt surfaces it can be used with bikes, skateboards, rollerskates and scooters.
Pumptrack Fahren

Fitness Training & Fun!

The pump track - a gym in the nature! What's better than connect the useful with fun? A pump track offers every biker excellent training conditions.

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Pumptrack Aus Holz Bauen

Readymade Event Pump Tracks!

Complete event management and organisation of bike shows with music and dj. Ask for our special offers including transport & setup!

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How to ride a pump track

Start slowly and increase your speed – later without pedaling. Through pulling and pushing with arms and legs while riding over the berms and rollers you can get faster and faster.

Lernmodell Erlebnispaedagogik Pumptrack Bikepark Mountainbike

Outdoor education

Outdoor Education
A pump track builds confidence, strength, and lightning fast bike handling skills – not to mention the social benefits. Pumpin’ is a party!

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Pumptracks in Germany and Europe

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List of pump tracks in Europe etc.
Feel free to send us the link to your pump track – to put on the list!