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Buy our modular pump track

Turbomatik „Sprint- Ring“ Pump-Track 19.999,- € only  / indoor and outdoor
length: ca. 37 m
dimension ca. 16 x 6 m /required area with safety zone ca. 10 x 20 m
– pump track new (you can see it in the picture with Red Bull ad)
price  + shipping costs

Pumptrack Aus Holz Bauen

If you are interested in dirt pump tracks please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Dirt Pumptrack Kaufen

Modular pump tracks / rent & buy

Modular pump tracks are perfect for events, trade fairs, sports shows, youth camps or youth centers.
Our Turbomatik “Sprint- Ring” is the perfect option to get to know a pump track
You can ride it with a bike, scooter or skates

We offer a lot of differentt modular pump tracks – for example.: Turbomatik Gand Prix Pump-Track
length: ca. 65 m

For more information feel free to contact us!